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What our Petitioners are saying:

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A proposed 3 story building with 6 ugly grain silos in the heart of our beautiful city that will obliterate the view of the Smyrna Community Center. Why? Why? Why? What's in it for Mayor Norton? There has to be an ulterior motive! What is it?

Do not sell the land and keep the area so kids can play.

Keep the green space.

Vote No to a brewery in the green space beside the Smyrna Community Center. Why are some Smyrna, GA public officials even in the business of promoting a brewery? Nothing about this proposed business passes the common sense test. Where is the evidence that a majority of Smyrna citizens want this brewery beside the Community Center? Put it somewhere else, because we now know many Smyrna Citizens are opposed.

Please take down the sign “Smyrna for sale”

Totally opposed to the sale of green space for the brewery!

I don't feel we need to get rid of more of our green space and parking that isn't going to benefit the city. There are other places that this brewery could be put where the land isn't so prime if it necessary! The village green is used for all of the city activities. The land is being sold for too small a price and it is going to cost the residents far too much money, there goes our tax money again. My husband is a disabled veteran, we haven't paid taxes since 2014. This year we got a bill for street lights from the city and we don't have a street light in front of our house. Here the taxes will probably go up again for land being taken away from the city. This is something that needs to be either rethought or looked at relocating.

No brewery!!!

Proposed plan for this beautiful space are deplorable. What is in it for the mayor and leaders?

I also strongly object to selling publicly owned property in the Smyrna, Ga downtown area for a private venture. The public property belongs to all Smyrna citizens, some of which are not beer drinkers or persons who would ever enter a brewery facility. Stop the sale!!!

Many issues. Firstly, the residents needed to be informed of the intent to sell. If selling was the path, multiple offers should have been invited. If it was selling for private enterprise, it should be something that enhances the area. By no means does a brewery do that. A brewery will add odor, much garbage, litter, reduced air quality from stacked vents. It is a really bad choice and does not take the quality of the neighborhood into consideration.

Why do we have to always build stuff on un-used grass??

No on the brewery.

I am opposed to a brewery on Smyrna’s green.

I think it may be illegal.

Seeing the groups of people, families, animals who really use that green space is part of what makes our downtown so special. Our fountain is already gone and that's sad. Please leave it alone and send the brewery to another location.

A brewery will not be an asset to the center of Smyrna. Not suitable to have a manufacturing facility adjoining Community Center, Library and Market village.

Leave our green space put the brewery somewhere else

Please do not sell the green space to build a brewery! It would ruin the beautiful design of the current downtown.

We do not want this brewery, stop the sale of the land to this brewery. The green space is beautiful just as it is and is a gathering place to bring the community together.

I am totally against the removal of the round about and for sure no brewery to be put in Smyrna next to the community. Has any one contacted the brewery company and advised them that there are citizens in Smyrna that do not want them in this location. Send them s copy of the petition with signatures. Put the brewery on the property at Brawner. Plenty of open space

Keep the green space green

Mr Mayor, I'm opposed to the destruction of the roundabout and green space to build a brewery. Aesthetically, it should be located somewhere else

I do not want a brewery constructed in downtown Smyrna as being proposed

Please don’t do this to the best area in Smyrna for seniors! Plus it looks bad aesthetically! Just because our town is growing there must be many other places to put this! Why there?!

Don't destroy the green space.

Please don't allow a brewery on the green space!! It will add nothing to the beauty of the area and it will eliminate GREEN SPACE.

Save the green space around the Smyrna community center.

Please keep the round about i grew up and had so many memories there!

Please stop! Don’t mess with our landscape!!!

I don’t live in Smyrna but my kids and I enjoy this space. Why would you want to get rid of such a beautiful space???

The SPLOST dollars being allocated to downtown Smyrna versus South Cobb Drive concerns me the most. I am all for revitalization of Smyrna and look forward to seeking more strategic plans that appropriately allocate funds to the areas most needed. South Cobb Drive needs a rehab.

I have watched Smyrna go from basically nothing to the amazing place it is now! I love Smyrna, my grandparents have lived here forever, both of my parents attended Campbell, now my son and I live here and it is home. I am all for updates and improvements that suit everyone in the community. Having said that, this proposed brewery makes absolutely no sense and came out of nowhere. Was that land ever publicly listed for sale? That is what bothers me the most, the city residents were clueless about this deal and never given any options as to what should go there. I am almost 100% certain that it could be used for something better and more beneficial than adults drinking overpriced mediocre beer! Commercial Real estate in Smyrna is extremely high My family just sold a nice chunk of Commercial land to a huge corporation for well over 4 times the amount that the city will be selling this prime land to a random Beer factory/hang out bar. It does not add up and the citizens want Real answers and explanations

I do not agree that the city should sell city land, and the city should not allow a brewery to be build on the green space at Atlanta Road in front of the Community Center.

The decimation of green space is not eco-friendly nor healthy for the environmental welfare of humans and wildlife. Why do something so detrimental to the environment?

Please don’t turn the land into and eye sore

Do not sell to people to make beer.

No brewery!!

Keep the green space.

I believe that space could be used so that all residents of Smyrna could enjoy

Eliminating green space for a brewery that will destroy the Village and community. People will move away and will not attract other people or businesses. So many better ways to use green space that creates community and usage.

Keep the green space. We do not need more alcohol in Smyrna--

Please keep the green space as is.

Preserving and maintaining green spaces is essential for the health of a community. Selling public land to build a brewery is simply short-sighted. If the city needs to raise money, let’s find more constructive ways to do so that will not compromise our way of life. NO BREWERY, PLEASE!!!

I do not want our public land sold to a brewery.

Keep Smyrna Green

Please keep our green space. There are other places for a brewery! We need green space for all families; breweries are not suitsable family sites!

No brewery in the green space!!

Strongly oppose the current plan.

Let's keep this part of Smyrna vibrant, beautiful, and agreeable for all citizens. There are more appropriate places in the city for what will essentially be a factory.

This town is a family oriented area and the progressives that are moving out of overpopulated and dangerous areas are trying to turn Smyrna into what they left. The restaurants that are here cannot sustain themselves already. If the area was prosperous the brewery would want one too. Please keep this area family oriented.

I am not very interested in seeing a three-story industrial building in Smyrna. A brewery does not seem to fit our community in totality. Perhaps there is another project that could satisfy the entire community collectively

Picture in your mind - a 3 story beer factory obscuring the view of our beautiful existing community buildings, complete with silos, loading docks, trucks coming and going, basically an industrial complex, then add the environmental impact, noise and too often drunk drivers. And don't forget the food trucks as no food is allowed to be served. And what is the upside to all of this? Somewhere else, please, but not here.

Mayor, you vote for this. I vote you out next election

I am against selling the public land to a private company to open and operate a for profit brewery next to the community center.

Do not sell the green space next to the community center. Instead of a brewery, install something that ALL citizens can use. I feel it is shameful that the Mayor unilaterally signed a letter of intent with the owners of the brewery. I feel a decision that changes the atmosphere of our community should have been made with public input.

Beer factory should not be blocking the view of Smyrna. Another location if it must be built. A place that serves only alcohol is is not a place I ever took my children. I have lived in Smyrna since 1963. I have loved the improvements previously made However, the new changes make me want to relocate.

I don't want to see Smyrna become Atlanta. Atlanta is the place for this project not Smyrna

A brewery is fine, but not in the prime spot of our downtown. There are other great locations closeby that are more appropriate

Although I do not live in the City of Smyrna, I have lived in the area all of my life, I go to church there and frequent restaurants, etc. I am very much opposed to any changes in Smyrna

Strongly Opposed to selling land and removing green space. We public input, no vote in deciding this

Not opposed to a Brewery, but opposed to the location. That green space is so important for festival, movies, fairs, and the visual importance of not being packed to the brim with development. Please reconsider.

Do not feel that adequate attention has been given to traffic flow and control. If traffic is blocked from Powder Springs to Village Green Circle, the traffic volume will spike in Hamby and Hughes Streets. Also, traffic will increase on Atlanta which could impact the response times of the nearby police and fire stations. Again, more traffic studies are needed to assess the expected volume increase.

I’m against the brewery (it would hardly be unique to Smyrna) and am in favor of leaving the lawn essentially an open space, but possibly re-landscaped with tiers of native grasses/shrubs and a water feature or two. A brilliantly landscaped “park” would be unique. Since the space slopes, you could even carve out a small section for an open air bandshell for musical performers. I’m also opposed to city government overreach using tax dollars to pay for a parking garage for a private developer.

Don’t mind eliminating the roundabout. Think it is worthwhile to get all of that extra green. The brewery, however, is a BAAAAAD idea. It is being presented like a neighborhood gathering place, but it is actually a FACTORY!

I love the idea of new business but this is too large w too much residual damage to our community. Please do not press forward.

PLEASE RECONSIDER!!! Love the brewery idea, if it is SOMEWHERE ELSE in Smyrna. Almost ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!

Hate to see all that beautiful space gone. Would prefer to see brewery location elsewhere

A brewery next to a library and a community center? something is wrong with that picture....

I oppose to sell green land in Smyrna to built any object.We need green space ,trees for health reason ,producing Oxygen and for enhancing beauty of City.We need more parks, not less. thank you

Keep Smyrna beautiful

There are better things that can be done with the green space next to the community center. A brewery is not the way to go right next to a community center.

This is not a progressive or inclusive plan. A brewery does not seem like an appropriate use of land for what should be - and has been used as - a public space. Pushing through someone's personal agenda does not consider the people who live closest to the area.

Smyrna does not need a brewery, but it desperately needs better restaurants so we don’t have to drive to Buckhead and Sandy Springs for fine dining.

The money to be spent on this project could be put to much better use. There is nothing wrong with the area now!!!

The green space is a beautiful space for the downtown. Getting rid of it and installing silos is pretty bad design and adds nothing to this beautiful downtown

Save our green space.

I would love a brewery in Smyrna, just not where and how this one is planned to be built. I don’t believe any of the cities (our) monies should be involved. Come up with a different/better plan.

Not all progress is good. It is very disturbing what greedy county officials and developers are willing to sacrifice for money. Shame on you.

Opposed to Brewery, removal of so Many trees, removal of area in front.

Don’t reduce the “green” in our beautiful Village Green! Yes, a brewery in Smyrna would be great, but not at the expense of our common green space. Our downtown is beautiful; please preserve it. We can find a more suitable area for the brewery.

I am opposed to the selling of prime city opened public land to a business and destroying the beauty of our downtown area. The council is supposed to be our representatives and should act accordingly in our interest in this matter.

Plan for two generations out and further...resist monetizing our beautiful green space unless it is for public use by the citizens of Smyrna. Resist the temptation to monetize this precious space.

There are many other creative ideas to give Smyrna the vitality it needs to attract top notch restaurants, boutiques, etc. but the mayor never asked for other ideas. It was the mayor's way or the highway! You can't vote us out but we can vote you out....count on it! Objections have nothing to do with beer sales; it has to do with a brewery on Atlanta Road. We are not a rural community anymore; we are a cosmopolitan urban community, getting away from its rural and farm roots. Pay it forward, not back to silos w/ homes selling for $1M+. We need a Canton Street Social like in Roswell on King Street, not this!

No Good - Puts us back to Smyrna 30+ years ago by developing a green area. Don't repeat the past!

Leave the green space. Who needs another browsers and silos

Preserve our needed green space! It’s not the place for a brewery! Save our green space!!!

Save the green space!

Choose another place where city NEEDS improvement, NOT our lovely park areas & roundabout.

Please don’t take away this beautiful green space for a business that could find another place. I support Smyrna but this brewery business I don’t support.

I am asking our Mayor to cancel the project of building a brewery ! Nothing can be more valuable then the present , beautiful trees and round about! We need more such views and those trees are precious! Please think long term and know that we are many citizens that resent this project.

I oppose the building of the brewery and the ugly silos. It would not only make for an eyesore but me a detriment to the area. I love visiting the nearby park and sitting in the roundabout courtyard. Leave it alone!

No brewery!

The present landscape is well adapted to various functions. Removal of the round about is a step backwards. The brewery is a bad idea - it will be an eyesore as well as being a factory completely out of sync with the downtown center.

Please leave the green alone. You all are wasting money. Every tree and grass patch you see doesn’t have to be torn down or built on! Please God just STOP.

We need to preserve green spaces and plants

We need a more family oriented plan to renovate or city of Smyrna.

Please keep the green space we have enough commerce and factory locations in the city we don’t have as many natural green spaces.

Please consider other uses for this valuable space- and help the brewery find another spot in Smyrna.

A brewery? A parking deck? Seriously? How much thought was put into this before reaching that agreement. It’s ALWAYS about the money…follow the money! Smyrna does not want or need this. If Smyrna leadership is so confident in this, then push the pause button and put this on the ballot for the citizens to vote on!

I am disappointed in the new plan and would like to oppose

I am opposed to having a brewery in our downtown roundabout. That area provides thoroughfare and a very scenic peaceful landscape that will be a great loss to the community.

We need a right turn lane on Highlands Ridge Rd more!! City spends too much time with decorative islands on Church St.

Let’s save the green space. The brewery idea SUCKS. How can city property be sold to a private enterprise. Shame on you.

The City of Smyrna does not need a major overhaul that would include a 28,000 sq ft beer joint. There are so many other projects including renovations to existing area. Restaurants who have been in Smyrna for years and made it through covid could use some help. For example, Kens is known by many people in Smyrna can only be open weekends because they can not get people to work. The failure rate for these breweries is 49.5% in a good economy.

I strongly oppose the sale of our cities’ beautiful green space to construct a brewery in our downtown area. The planned location is not appropriate for our community. I truly enjoy my daily peaceful walks with my dog around the community center and library however all of this will change if a brewery is constructed and traffic patterns changed. With the current proposed plan this area will no longer be natural and peaceful. I am all for renovating Smyrna but not with a beer manufacturing facility!!!!!! Please rethink this plan and listen to the concerns of the community.

They need to rent the land and find somewhere else for this brewery.

I feel the spot chosen for the brewery is not the best place and lose the beautiful green space. Please reconsider this location.

Please reconsider the redesign project.Not a good image for Smyrna.

The plan is a total overreach.

Let’s keep Smyrna beautiful and stop allowing construction that works against this

Please do not sell city property. Perhaps leasing is best, that way it can’t be sold without control. I’m all for breweries but within the downtown area. You can do better!

I love taking my family to the lake downtown. The idea of a factory, that close to such a serene area, just makes no sense. I'm not against the brewery, I'm against the location. As a vet, I love the memorial. I love the green space. A downtown should be quiet, peaceful and tranquil. If we start industrializing the downtown area, if won't stop. If Smyrna wants the brewery, it should not be anywhere near downtown.

No Brewery please, leave the space just as is, thank you Mr Mayor.

I don't feel a brewey is the best use of much needed green space.

PLEASE but the brewery somewhere else and leave our green space and roundabout as is!!

I am 100% in disagreement with selling that beautiful space for a Brewery. It should be kept as green space, just as it is now.

What is our message to our taxpaying residents and school age up and comers? The green space is a destination site. Family time and for some of us the closest safest green space. The focus changes with the proposed plan. It puts drunk drivers on our Smyrna neighborhood streets. It puts alcohol in the middle of a current safe space. The outside bar - noise, language, smell, pollution and an environment underage children are restricted from entering. This is a beer brewery with the potential to become a center of activity in another location. Again what message are we sending as Smyrna residents?

I am opposed to giving up the green space. This should not be a building we want in the center of town

I am opposed to the destruction of the roundabout, trees and greenspace to make room for a brewery.

Do not destroy the green space with a brewery.

I’m heart broken that the beautiful downtown Smyrna is being torn apart. I love the round-a-bout. Many wonderful memories my of children’s Christmas concert were held here. I always bring out of town visitors to downtown Smyrna. I can’t see me doing that once these changes take place.

I don't support a brewery at this location. This is a misuse of public land.

Totally against such a proposition that potentially can be an obstruction for the area and traffic congestion.

I am vehemently opposed to taking down the mature trees. I love the roundabout. I do not think a brewery is the appropriate use of that beautiful area.

PLEASE give this project more thought!

I do not approve!!!! It seems the city council and mayor are not listening.

Don't sell the green space to the beer company. Don't spend money to change the fountain and circular drive. Don't spend money to cut trees. Spend many fewer dollars to simply maintain what is still functional and very nice looking.

I am greatly opposed to all elements of the redesign planned for the City of Smyrna. What ever happened to retaining historical history for our city?

We need the green space and add more trees. That green space can we used as a concert in the park where ppl can picnic to bring community together. You are missing an opportunity to bring community together that includes families. If anything needs to be built build a small ampletheatre at the far north end for bands to play. Theirs other great places for a brewery all up and down Atlanta rd or anywhere else that doesn't tear up green space and uses what is not being used.

It is clear the citizens do not want or like this plan. The brewery should go somewhere else. Keep the green space. Brewery and kids activities do not mix.

I strongly object to adding a brewery in the village green taking up precious green space that could be used as a park. This going to be an eye sore and create more traffic congestion in the proposed area. This is not the appropriate location for something like this.

Smyrna city is beautiful as is. Please do not change it. We love it as is.

Please do not put that brewery in downtown Smyrna. Please don't cheapen our area. Keep it out!

Please don’t.

Please do not build the factory on the green space in the Downtown Smyrna roundabout!

I am opposed to the destruction of the roundabout, trees and greenspace to make room for a brewery.

I'm violently opposed to a brewery. How can they even consider this in a City like Smyrna. Such a low class addition to encourage alcohol consumption....among other things. drink/drive.

I am opposed to a brewery in the Smyrna Village Green area. Anywhere else I’d be okay with. That area is so nice for so many reasons, I don’t understand why someone would want to ruin it. I love taking my kids over to the library and green space around, but if there is a brewery and less parking and more traffic, I doubt I’ll be using the facilities.

Against sale of green space

This has got to be stopped. This isn’t what we wanted for Smyrna!

Inappropriate for the area.

The green space, library and rec center was a major factor in my decision to move to Smyrna. The proposed plans to drastically change this, especially the wide loss of green space is extremely disappointing. I strongly urge a reconsideration of this drastic and possibly irreparable change for the city of Smyrna.

Stop the unnecessary destruction of our green space. There are many breweries in downtown Marietta and along Marietta Hwy inside the Perimeter.

I’m not opposing revitalization of downtown Smyrna, however, I am concerned about placing a brewery in front of the rec center. I’d rather my tax money be spent on improving other areas such as SCD.

I am against selling public land to build a brewery.

Please keep the green space!

These proposed changes are a very BAD plan. Looks like the visual will be horrific. I guess selling BEER is more important than enjoying the lovely Smyrna Recreation Center view. One of my Christmas pleasures for many years now has been to drive around the fountain and by the pond at night to enjoy the Christmas Decorations. So relaxing and was one of the many things that made me proud to live in Smyrna.

I do not agree with selling off our green space. Surely our politicians can find a way to fill their financial desires without destroying the very essence of what Smyrna is.

A brewery is fine, just not in that space.

No I do not want them to destroy downtown Smyrna

We can do better than having a brewery built where currently proposed.

Please do not destroy one of the few really beautiful areas left in Smyrna. It will never be the same.

I'm not opposed to building something along Atlanta Rd., but I don't think the city should sell (better to lease), and I think a brewery is too industrial for this space. This is largely a residential area with light business--not the right place for a brewery.

Please don't put that eye sore in our beautiful city. I bought my place in 1993, I saw all the changes they did since I moved here, everything to the best. I don't agree that it will benefit our city.

Threatens the "small town" feeling of the City Center. A brewery will not enhance the area. This area has hosted many family events over the years. If the plan goes ahead, those events will no longer be possible.

I strongly object to the brewery. There are places already in the Smyrna Village that cater to beer drinkers. I moved to Smyrna because of the nice family environment that would be erased by this brewery. "If It's not broke don't fix it" why are we fixing something that looks great already? We need a mayor that actually listens to tax paying residents.

Please protect the beauty and green space around the downtown area.

No to building on green.

There has already been an excess of development in Smyrna. The Village Green is the "heart" of the City. Keep it green. A brewery is not needed especially since it will destroy the green space and the quaint feeling of this area.

I am against the brewery and the round about being taken out. You are supposed to do what the voters want not what you want

Please reconsider making this rash decision of our green space.

More consideration of plans for the Smyrna square is needed. Selling the public lands to private entities is a misuse of public trust. Removing mature landscaping is not a good plan either. The idea of a brewery next to the recreation center, displacing their parking area and the waste issues made by that type of business are not a plus for the community. Please take time for more input from the community.

Very interested in keeping green space in Smyrna plus reducing the congestion, waste, and pollution reduction in service of Smyrna residents.

Please have the brewery in another space

The trees provide a scenic view, shade, conservation of small wildlife, opportunity to educate children and the edification of the community.

we like it the way it is

This is wrong for this location. A brewery would be a great add to Smyrna…but within the city center, it is not a fit. The park areas, playground, stage are all welcome. But a beer manufacturer will be architecturally unsightly as planned on Atlanta Rd.

A citizen referendum could have been used by politicians who honor democratic procedures.

I strongly object to selling publicly owned property in the Smyrna, Ga downtown area for a private venture. The public property belongs to all Smyrna citizens, some of which are not beer drinkers or persons who would ever enter a brewery facility. Stop the sale!!!

I'm opposed to the construction of a brewery in the Smyrna Village Green area. A brewery would be welcome in a different, more appropriate Smyrna location…but this should be a family oriented community area…and brewery/beer distributor is NOT that.  

Please reconsider the brewery - another location is ok but not next to the Community Center. We will be going backwards in the appeal of our city - not forward. A few outspoken people love the idea of a place to congregate and drink beer - but at what price?

As a lifelong Smyrna resident, I have seen Smyrna change in so many ways. Most of the changes have been positive and allowed our city to become one of the most desirable places to live and raise our children. This new plan the city has really needs to be one that supports all of Smyrna’s residents, and not just a select few. I am not against having a beer, wine, or a drink once in a while, but creating a place solely focused on alcohol is implying that you can’t enjoy life without it. It seems that ethics and morality have taken a turn in the wrong direction in our country. Why not create a beautiful park,complete with trees , benches, walking paths for families to enjoy together.

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