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Smart Smyrna

Who We Are

We are a nonpartisan civic-minded group of diverse Smyrna residents who care deeply about the future of the city.

We are not affiliated with the government of the City of Smyrna, Georgia, but seek to promote transparency to improve the way it operates for our citizens.

We welcome development in Smyrna, but we expect development to be smart, thoughtful, and in the best interests of the City and its citizens.

We support open, consistent, and transparent communications between City leadership and the citizens.

We expect our City leaders will operate with full integrity, will demonstrate a servant-leader attitude, and will be accountable to their constituents.

We believe that our City leaders will operate in a financially responsible manner, making fiscal decisions that are sound, will better the city, and that reflect the priorities of the citizens.

We seek to work with our city officials to create meaningful and productive dialogue. We partner with other civic-minded groups and persons who share our vision and our concerns about Smyrna.


Mission Statement

Our purpose is to help guide Smyrna to achieve growth and development in smart ways that draw on the enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise of Smyrna residents. 


Smart Smyrna was founded after two groups came together at the roundabout with mutual concerns about the announced redevelopment plan of June 2021.


Smart Smyrna is made up of city residents who reflect the diversity of our town. Our leadership team has experience with city administration and local politics.

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