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Three Ways To Donate:

1) Use your PayPal account and enter "" as the recipient.

2) Send payment through Zelle using phone 678-438-6353, which is linked to our checking account.

3) Mail check:

Call or send text to 678-438-6353 for payment information.

Why We Need Your Support

Your financial support will help to fund our good work: 


Legal Fees: As part of our opposition to the proposed sale of City green space,  Smart Smyrna retained an attorney who has been in contact with the City Attorney addressing potential issues regarding the sale.  We are still in the early phases of legal review, but could use financial support to ensure discovery and deliberation are complete.   He has begun building a case and is exploring next steps toward halting further action for construction of the brewery.  That said, we need to grow our funds.

Other Expenses: Website maintenance, mailings, and advertising (flyers, signs, etc.)

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