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*** Take Action ****

1) Contact Smyrna City Officials

Mayor: Derek Norton


Phone: 678-631-5302

Glenn Pickens, Ward 1 | Phone: 678-631-5306 | Email:

VACANT, Ward 2

Travis Lindley, Ward 3 | Phone: 678-631-5308 | Email:   

Charles “Corkey” Welch, Ward 4 | Phone: 678-631-5309 | Email: 

Susan Wilkinson, Ward 5 | Phone: 678-631-5310 | Email:  ​ 

Tim Gould, Ward 6 | Phone: 678-631-5311 | Email: 

Lewis Wheaton, Ward 7 | Phone: 678-631-5312 | Email:  ​


To see which ward you live in, go to this map of Smyrna wards

2) Vote in City Elections

Primaries: May 24   General Election: November 8

3) Attend Meetings

City Council: 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

A. Max Bacon City Hall, Council Chamber

Committee of the Whole: 2nd & 4th Thursdays - 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
A. Max Bacon City Hall, HR Training Room

4) Spread the Word

Post your concerns on the city website and Facebook page, HOA ListServs,, etc...

5) Support the Mission

Get involved with Smart Smyrna by volunteering and/or donating.
See our Contact page

Some Points for Discussion

Selling the Village green space

How can this be justified?  This space should never be sold to a commercial entity.  The City itself may need that land for future development. Once the land is sold, the City loses any control over what is done with it in the future or who owns it.

The 2022 SPLOST funds for Smyrna include over $11 million for an aquatic center.  The space between the Community Center and Atlanta Road would be ideal for an indoor pool.  And we already own the land.  Why are we selling this land?  Why are we not using it for the aquatic center or another community amenity?

A brewery is a beer factory

Why are we allowing a business to build a beer manufacturing plant on our village green?  There are no other factories within the Downtown complex.  Such a business is incompatible with the surrounding area. 

Furthermore, the updated Master Plans makes two recommendations which would seem to be at odds with selling the land to a factory: 1) "Ensure infill development is compatible with the surrounding area." 2) "Reduce commercial vacancies."  We have vacant buildings in downtown and around the city.  Can't the beer factory find another location?

Ongoing Concerns regarding Downtown Smyrna

Destruction of the Fountain

Why was the destruction of the fountain inside the roundabout immediately implemented a few days after the City Council voted to approve the redesign?  Couldn't the destruction have happend AFTER the holiday season?  Couldn't the Mayor have allowed the citizens of Smyrna to enjoy one last traditional Lighting of the Tree and visit by Santa? 

Redesign Costs

The initial estimate of the Redesign was $2.5 million.  That amount has increased to over $5.7 million.  One city councilor, an engineer, estimates it will be over $11 million.  The City Council approved the Redesign in a 4-2 vote, on October 18, despite not having a final estimate.  When will the true estimate be forthcoming?  What costs were left out of the estimates?

Shared SPLOST funds

The $12.27 million SPLOST funds to be used for the Redesign project must be shared with the South Cobb Drive Improvement project.  The 2017 estimates for the South Cobb Drive Improvement project were between $5.8 and $11.8 million.  Shouldn't the City have updated the estimates for the South Cobb project before embarking on the Redesign? Is it realistic to think both projects can be completed for $12.27 million at today's construction costs?  If not, which project is likely to be put on hold?

What voters thought they were voting for.

The SPLOST line item description says:

Downtown and South Cobb Drive Improvements - Citywide

The word "Improvements" means making what is already there better.  It means making needed repairs and enhancements to existing structures/landscaping, etc.  It DOES NOT mean a total redesign of the area in front of the Community Center that requires the fountain, the roundabout, and the ADA access at the Center to be eliminated and a new traffic system constructed.  Smyrna voters did not intend those SPLOST funds to be used in this way. Nevertheless the Council approved the Redesign on October 18, 2021.

Redesign Process

The Redesign project has seemed rushed.  Three open houses by Pond & Co. were all held within a matter of days.  The open house hours were 9am-12pm or 4pm-7pm. Those hours made it almost impossible for working people to attend.  The online survey had very few visitors.  What is your explanation for not giving more time for public input and for rushing such an expensive and consequential project when there is no urgency?

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