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Smyrna's conceptual plan for the downtown redesign

The estimated costs for the Downtown Redesign have increased since the City Council approved $2.5 million for the project in June.  The estimate is now at least $5.7 million for the first phase. Concerns remain that the 2022 SPLOST funds needed to implement the Redesign project will take away funds from the South Cobb Drive Improvements project. That's because the $12.27 million dollars listed in the 2022 SPLOST are shown as a one line item--Downtown and South Cobb Drive Improvements.  The funds are to be shared between two projects. One is unspecific and the other one is a well known and already conceptualized project, the South Cobb Drive Improvement.  In 2017 the costs of three concepts put forth for the South Cobb Drive project were estimated to be between $5.8 and $11.8 million. Those estimates are now over 4 years old and it is probable the estimates, if calculated in 2021/22, would be higher.

Before and after views



  • The fountain and roundabout in the center are to be demolished, along with the current mature foliage inside the roundabout. 


For views of the current roundabout, fountain, and vegetation, see the section immediately below. 


  • All of the vegetation around the former roundabout is gone. 

  • The open park land next to the Smyrna Community Center is sold.

  • Removal of the roundabout results in significant rerouting of traffic.

  • Removal of the ADA access at the front of the Community Center.

  • Loss of nearly 50 parking spaces next to community center


Current street-level views


Veterans Memorial Park, viewed from the community center side (North). In the current plan, this will connect to the main grassy area without interruption. 


Mature vegetation around the fountain. In the current plan, this will be gone. 

Our Village Green will be replaced 

by this beer manufacturing plant.


1.Exterior cellar and 6 grain silos 2. service yard 3.transformers and spent grain 4. packaging and pallette storage

5. loading and distribution 6.pilot brewery and or expansion space 7. boiler 8. mill 9.control room 10. bocce courts 11. laboratory 12. cellar 13. brew house and distillery 14. outdoor bar 15.barrel aging 16. cold box 17. tap room

If you are concerned about what you see here and want to show support for all or some of our views, you can be included in Smart Smyrna's efforts by signing the petition. 

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