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Why we opposed
Smyrna's plan for the Downtown Redesign and the sale of our public green space

City of Smyrna's conceptual downtown redesign plans call for:

1) redesigning the area in front of the Smryna Community Center and Library

2) reconfiguring traffic flow because of removal of the roundabout

3) redesigning the front entrance and access to the Community Center

4) building a multi story car park adjacent to the village green

5) the sale of a beautiful and valuable piece of our village green space

6) installing a park and playground directly next to the brewery for their customers use.

 Smart Smyrna strongly opposes: 

  • Destruction of the current fountain, seating area, and mature vegetation. 

  • Elimination of the traffic roundabout, with rerouting of current traffic. 

  • Destroying the ADA lane in front of the Community Center so that it is more difficult for persons with disabilities to get into the Community Center

  • Sale of a prime piece of city land. 

  • Using taxpayer money to landscape around the plant and the brewery to provide outdoor space and amenities to their customers.


Elimination of the roundabout & rerouting of traffic

The City has presented cthe details of any traffic studies that explain the impact on traffic patterns that will be caused by the redesign or why it would be an improvement over what is already there.


Sale of prime public land

We think this prime public land fronting Atlanta Road shouldn't be sold. It could be used for better purposes that would serve the entire community. Once sold the city loses any control over what type of business might be located there in the future and who might buy it.


Why a beer factory on the village green?

We have no objection to breweries.  We simply think any brewery in Smyrna belongs in the right place. This isn't the right place. Smyrna has other sites available and in locations more suitable to this type of business.

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