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About Us

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Smart Smyrna

is a nonpartisan civic-minded group of diverse Smyrna residents who care deeply about the future of the city.

We are not affiliated with the government of City of Smyrna, Georgia.

We welcome development in Smyrna but we expect the city's development to be smart.

To us, that means development is...

  • Economically viable

  • Environmentally sound

  • Livable & beautiful

  • Inclusive & equitable

  • Transparent & ethical in its governance

We work with our city officials to create meaningful and productive dialogues. We partner with other civic-minded groups who share our vision and our concerns about Smyrna.

Contact us:

Our purpose is to help guide Smyrna to achieve growth & development in smart ways that draw on the enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise of Smyrna residents. 
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